Atelier Rademakers; fur, leather and lammy

A special coat can give you a boost of confidence. Coats of natural materials such as fur and lammy are classy, elegant and sustainable. These exclusive materials emphasize your style and personality. Unique people wear unique coats. Fur studio Rademakers is a specialist in development and production of exclusive fur coats and lammy coats since 1965. Do you have a fur coat that isn't as fashionable anymore? These fur coats can be restyled. They create a whole new look which brings back the fashion in your coat, therefor, you can enjoy this coat for a longer period of time. The years of experience and the personal advise is what ensures the quality and service of Rademakers. The assortment of Rademakers does not only contain fur coats and lammy coats but also has an extended collection of unique fur accessories. This unique and extraordinary assortment can also be found in the webshop of Rademakers. Is there no real Rademakers in your wardrobe? Experience and admire the pure quality of a Rademakers item. Order online or visit our store in Sittard or Maastricht.

Natural materials keep you warm

Coats and cloaks which are made of fur or lammy have an unique quality. These materials regulate the temperature, which means that they will keep more warmth during cold periods in comparison with warm periods. This quality is what makes fur and lammy irreplaceable and unique. Because of the excellent quality, the coat can be used for a very long period of time. Even after wearing the coat for a number of years it can be adjusted to the current fashion trends. This is what makes a fur or lammy coat a sustainable natural product. The quality of this product is very important. This is determined by the quality of the fur, but also the techniques, the shape and the type of coat or cloak. There is a fashionable coat for every women because of the large assortment in many fashionable colors and stunning styles. This also applies for coats for men. Come and visit our webshop or store to take a look at our offer in for example coats with fur collar or choose one of the fur accessories, like a scarf or a hat. The coats which contain real fur not only stylish but also very practical, because fur will keep its owner warm during the cold months.

Several kinds of lammy coats

All the lammy coats which are available at Rademakers have a special quality. We only select the materials which have a trademark, which guarantees the quality and welfare of humans and animals during the production of the lammy. There are several lammy coats from which you can choose, for example the soft Spanish Merino lammy, the trendy Tuscan lammy and the Curly lammy from New Zealand. There will be a new collection every season which you can choose from. The lammy coats can be customized to your wishes in the studio of Rademakers, if this is requested. Due to the years of experience of Rademakers you are assured of a coat with the perfect fit which you will wear and enjoy for years. A lammy coat isn't a yearly purchase, so that is why it is advisable to buy such a coat on an address with a lot of experience. Take a look at the Rademakers assortment for a comfortable lammy coat.

Leather coats

Beside the wide assortment of fur products in the webshop you can also find several kinds of leather coats. The assortment of leather coats that can be found online is very extensive. The excellent quality of the coats is what makes the difference. The leather and suede coats of Rademakers are as you can expect them to be: only the best leather with the smoothest quality and the best fit can be found in the collection. You can choose from a wide selection in several colors. We have enough options for both women and men. That is why we advise you to order your leather of suede coat in the store or webshop of Rademakers. We are happy to advise you in your choice, therefor you can enjoy your coat in the best kind of way.

Fur accessories

Rademakers even has a collection of fur accessories and other materials. It is possible to protect yourself from the cold weather with a hat of high quality fur or a fur collar. Take a look in the webshop of Rademakers for all the options. You can find a fur scarf with matching cuffs. Or do you rather combine your coat with a fur bag or fur headband. The assortment in fur accessories can be found online, so you will absolutely find your perfect fur item which will complete your outfit. The accessories of Rademakers are all unique and all have the OA label guarantee.

Discover the quality of real fur

Take the time and discover the great assortment of coats, cloaks and accessories which are made from the best materials such as fur and lamb leather. Order your favorite coat today. Also see our collection of coats with a fur collar. Have you seen the collection but didn't it include your perfect coat or bag? Do not panic, Rademakers also offers custom made coats of fur. In this way you are assured of the perfect coat which meets up with your wishes your high quality standards. Are you already have a beautiful fur coat, but is it currently out of style? Or are you looking for another fit? Do you have a fur coat which needs to be cleansed or repaired? Rademakers is the specialist you are looking for. They have the right knowledge and experience with fur, lammy and leather. Contact us via the website or visit our store in Sittard for some professional advise.